Tressa Scharf
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artistic imagery

tressa went to the ucla school of arts and architecture and trevor studied cinematography at the Los angeles film school. to us, photography is an art and We’re heavily invested in our craft.

raw + real emotion


anyone can follow you around with a camera clicking the shutter button and making a photo, but that’s not why we’re there for you. we want to capture the raw and real, not fake posed moments. We might direct the moment you’re in, but we’ll never ask you to do anything cheesy (unless you’re into that sort of thing). we’re here to create images that make you feel something and help you relive the same moments and emotions from some of the best days of your life.

adventurous souls + wanderlusting couples

adventure sessions are our jam. we love to get lost and create magic with our couples and the beautiful landscapes we visit. Natural light + nature is what we thrive on but we dig urban scenery too. everyone has their own personal preferences— let’s curate a photoshoot that’s unique to you and your interests.


hey, i’m Tressa

nice to meet you


this is trevor,

my other half.


my husband is my PIC, my biz partner, my second shooter



dogs / roadtrips / taco bell / photography / national parks

this is us + these are a few of our favorite things.

proposing to your significant other? hell yea. need to take engagement photos? we’re on it. getting married? tell us when and where, we’ll be there. just need some rad photos? we’ve got your back, no matter what.




some current favs:

intimate weddings + elopements + Couples + Portraits


 Trevor + I are connoisseurs of Taco Bell and In N’ Out. We have two REALLY cute dogs


let’s be friends?

tell us about yourself— your likes, favorite food(s), your undying

love for animals, how you met the love of your life, what you do

for fun, astrological sign, or you know… short and sweet emails

are cool too.